Édouard Naville (Geneva, 1844 – Malagny, 1926)

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Four autograph letters signed by the Swiss archaeologist and Egyptologist. A. Malagny le 25 Juin 1911 Naville thanks his correspondent (presumably the Swiss historian Louis Courthion (1858-1922) for sending him an essay on the history of Valais. He then provides comments on the essay. 3 pp. In fine condition. B. Malagny le 2 Août. Naville replies to a gentleman approving the publication of some essays in the Archive de France. 2 pp. In fine condition. C. Malagny le 26 Septembre. Naville thanks his correspondent for some brochures he sent him, and then encloses a text by [Jakob] Heierli (1853-1912). D. 30 Xbre . Naville answers his correspondent saying that he approves the new edition of Archeios.