Ernest Newman (Liverpool, 1868 – Tadworth, 1959)


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Two autograph letters signed by the English music critic and musicologist, music critic at The Sunday Times from 1920. A.13.6.37. To Arturo Toscanini, concerning music transcriptions: “…The score “L’Incoronazione” [di Poppea, by Claudio Monteverdi] only arrived last night (…) As soon as I get a free afternoon I will go through [Giacomo] Benvenuti’s transcription, comparing it with the original. I heard the work about fifteen years ago at Oxford, where it was quite well performed by amateurs, in a transcription by a young scholar, J.[ack]. A.[llan] Westrup [1904-1975], who is now at the “Daily Telegraph”. This transcription has never been published however. By all accounts, at Florence the other evening they made a “grand opera” à la “Aida” of it!…”. 2 pp. In-8. With letterhead. Envelope included. B. 24. 5. 38. To Arturo Toscanini, concerning Monteverdi transcriptions: “…A thousand thanks for the Monteverdi facsimile which you have been kind enough to send me (…) It was a happy idea of Benvenuti’s to publish a facsimile of the Venetian manuscript: it throws light on several questions connected with the work, and Malipiero’s edition…”. 1 p. ½. In-8. With letterhead. Envelope included.